PRIME Grant Criteria

Eligibility for a grant from the RIMEF requires that you must be an educator (Pre-K to 12) in the Rock Island-Milan School District #41. If awarded a grant, recipient must use the grant to implement the educational program described in the application.

The program must:

  • Expand, enhance, and improve the classroom's academic environment
  • Access a broad range of students and involve them directly
  • Be implemented within one semester of award date unless specifically mentioned and approved in the application
  • Develop alternative and effective methods of instruction
  • Be endorsed by the principal of the applicant's school and appropriate district administrator
  • Directly align to the District standards/programs or School Improvement Plan (SIP)
  • Technology requests need to align with the District's requirements and receive their approval

The following types of items WILL NOT be funded:

  • In-service and training programs for personnel
  • Landscape projects, clubs, or food
  • Field trips

Grant applications will be reviewed on a competitive basis as follows:

  • Project goal
  • Description of proposed project and relationship to current curriculum standards or SIP
  • Plans for evaluation of the project
  • Budget request
  • Sustainability Plan

Grant Rules:

  • Each educator may submit only one grant application per calendar year.
  • If a teacher moves schools and the grant funds were not yet used, the funds must be returned to the RIMEF.
  • Requests to move any materials that were received under a grant must be approved by the Curriculum Office.
  • Approved grant notices will be sent to the applicant and principal of the applicant's school.
  • The checks will be deposited in a district account, and the applicant will receive a budget code for ordering
  • The applicants agree to account for and report on the project once funded before the next granting cycle begins. Award of additional grants in the future is contingent on adequate reporting of previous grants.

The Rock Island-Milan Education Foundation’s 2024-2025 PRIME Grant Application for RIMSD Educators is officially open! The application will remain open until May 24, 2024 on our grant management platform, Kaleidoscope. Please use the following instructions on how to access the application to apply:

Go to https://apply.mykaleidoscope.com/ and click Sign Up in the upper right side of the screen to create an account.

You will then be asked to fill in your email address and set your password. Your password must contain the following:
at least one special character ( ! " # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ - + = ` ~ \ /)
at least one uppercase letter

at least one lowercase letter
at least one number
at least 8 characters (12+ recommended)

Click on the "Create" button to complete your sign up and create your account! Once your account has been created, you can click on this link to access the grant application and begin applying:

2024-2025 PRIME Grant Application

If you have any questions on the application or need any assistance with creating an account, please reach out to help@mykaleidoscope.com or check out Kaleidoscope’s help site.

Thank you for using the PRIME Grant program to benefit our RIMSD students!

2023-2024 PRIME Grant Report Form


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