What is a HAVlife Grant?

The Hunter Aaron Vondran Memorial Foundation or "HAVlife" Foundation was established in memory of Hunter Vondran. The foundation provides resources in the areas of athletics, music, and the arts. Too often, students are prevented from pursing an interest in these areas due to the associated costs. This failed pursuit leads to what HAVlife calls "Lost Potential." In 2010, the Rock Island-Milan Education Foundation entered into a partnership with the HAVlife Foundation. It was a perfect collaboration as the mission and vision of HAVlife - "to allow all youth to experience life to the fullest…" - closely match our own.

Starting with an initial grant of $10,000, the Education Foundation has awarded over $42,000 in HAVlife grants to our district students and schools for extra-curricular activities and after-school programs. The Education Foundation has awarded grants to cover the cost of art/theatre classes, music supplies, athletic equipment, the rental or purchase of musical instruments, and athletic or music camps. Many of the youth benefitting would be unable to participate in these areas if it weren't for the available funds.

Who Can Qualify?

HAVlife Grants support a target group of students ages 10-15 with an interest in arts, music, and athletics. Only teachers, coaches, or administrators may apply for the grant on behalf of the student.  The application is a needs request form providing the student's name, age, interest, need summary, and a brief assessment of commitment & dependability. The RIMEF takes care that financial need is established coupled with a passion/talent in the area before issuing an award.

If you know of a Rock Island-Milan School District student between the ages of 10-15 who may be eligible, please contact the Education Foundation for more information.  If you are a teacher, coach, or administrator who has a student who would qualify for a HAVlife grant, please fill-out the HAVlife Application and submit to our office. There is no time-frame in which to apply.

Mail to:
The Rock Island-Milan Education Foundation
@Rock Island High School
1400 - 25th Avenue
Rock Island, IL  61201

Email to:

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HAVlife/Extracurriculars Application